Strategy and business model

I. Asset Investment

Mostly focused on Asset investment, with high percentage of the company’s Real Estate (RE) assets value located in prime locations downtown Madrid:

  • Paseo de la Castellana – right across the Santiago Bernabéu football stadium 
  • Ortega y Gasset street (Salamanca district)
  • Ponzano street (Chamberí district)
  • Apodaca Street (Chueca-Justicia district) – being the first property acquired and the one that gives its name to the company
  • Calle de Félix Boix (Chamartín district)
  • Calle de Alonso Heredia (La Guindalera district)

Other RE assets located outside the Madrid metropolitan area in Alcázar de San Juan, province of Ciudad Real.

The total Real Estate invested area is of 6,999 sqm; being its RE use: residential (approx. 54%), office (approx. 17%) and commercial (approx.29%), having been fully leased since the creation of the company.

II. Continuous Cost optimization and control

Our management philosophy at Apodaca Inversiones Inmobiliarias is based on the control of the administration expenses, in such a way that they are at the lowest possible level relative to the company’s income without jeopardizing its operation and efficiency; though, allowing the possibility of incorporating new assets in the future while keeping the current cost structure.

III. Prudent strategy on new investments

Our financial and investment policy provides us with a robust position, with low leverage and prudent policy for new investments with a minimum payout of 80%.

This principle of financial prudence policy will remain when assessing new assets acquisitions, which, if carried out, would be in line with existing ones.