apodaca inversiones INMOBILIARIAS SOCIMI S.A.


APODACA INVERSIONES INMOBILIARIAS SOCIMI, S.A. is a Spanish REIT that was incorporated on December 27, 2019

On 1 February 2021, the Shareholder Meeting decided to opt for the SOCIMI special tax regime, and it was notified to the Spanish tax authorities on February 16, 2021

Currently the real estate portfolio of APODACA for lease is formed by:

  • 5 buildings with flats, commercial and office units and 1 office located in Madrid city
  • 2 semi-detached houses located in Alcazar de San Juan city (Ciudad Real).

The Company has 3 employees

Apodaca Inversiones Inmobiliarias SOCIMI is based on a three main pillars

    1. Asset investments – mainly in Madrid downtown area (c. 95%)
    2. Continuous Cost optimization and control
    3. Prudent strategy on new investments